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2013-04-10 11:55 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: Hey Guys!!!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my dreamwidth page.  It's kind of bare over here, mainly because most of my stuff is on LJ or AO3...and Tumblr.  I will be posting over here from time to time, but if you want to read all of my previous work you should head over to any of my other accounts.  The links will be on the side. 

If you have any trouble accessing them please let know because that means I did a thing and I will attempt to fix it.

Thanks for stopping by!
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2017-02-07 01:22 pm

I did a thing....

I need to get back into the flow of writing, hence why I signed up for the  Hurt/Comfort Bingo Amnesty challenge for February. 

I have to write a story that fills all of these prompts....oh god......

WILD CARD falsely imprisoned
sensory deprivation blackmail
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2013-04-10 12:12 pm

I Did A Thing!!!!

Look! I did a thing!

au: band telepathy / mindmeld immortality / reincarnation slavefic au: daemons
time travel au: circus fake relationship huddle for warmth kiss to save the day
game night forced to marry FREE

secret child rivals to lovers
sharing a bed au: magic de-aged au: were / vamp / supernatural curtainfic
cross-dressing presumed dead celebratory kiss secret twin / doppelganger genderswap